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FedEx stands behind a restrictive insurance policy and uses it to deny valid claims.  We have experienced and found other cases where they continue to sell shipping services to businesses knowing full well what they are shipping, but, when it comes to coverage deny claims based on a restrictive policy.  Besides the nightmare tale of trying to find a missing package (to be posted), coverage it seems is non-existent based on what we ship or what many other people ship.  If it contains just one component of many common products on their restricted list of items they will deny a claim.  Our package wasn't lost, stolen or arrived broken.  They had a Hazmat spill from another package and destroyed 2 of our shipments.  They knew what we were shipping from day-one then refused coverage based on what we shipped.  A tale I've heard repeated from others who no longer ship with FedEx (though, we still do - more on that later).

More details and the complete saga to come...


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Can you sat Class Action Suit? Do you have a similar story?  Were you denied a claim and were sold by a FedEx rep Exceptional-Value-Services?  Email US

Trucker shipments normally claim everything on a bill of laden on their transport when accidents occur.  How does this translate into subsequent claims or with company trucks.  Inquiring minds (and organizations) would like to know...

How to use 3rd Party Insurance Carriers - SAVES $$$ and COVERS the UNCOVERABLE


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